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3 Ways An Aftermarket Custom Exhaust System Can Change Your Car

Your car’s exhaust system, like its color, can change its personality and functionality. Here are the three things a custom exhaust system can do for your car. When purchasing a car, it comes with a standard exhaust system. This is a place where most manufacturers save money because you generally don’t see the exhaust system, nor do most drivers think about it. But for the driver who wants to update their car in unique ways, the exhaust system is something to explore.

Standard Exhaust Systems
Cars come with exhaust systems that do what they are built for: contain the gases produced by combustion, clean them, and expel them. But just like the standard radio that comes with a car isn’t always the best, neither is this exhaust system – it simply does what it’s supposed to do. With an aftermarket custom exhaust system you can change your car.

Look At That!
Aftermarket exhaust systems can make a car look sportier, even fancier, with a few simple modifications. These are focused on the end of the exhaust system: the tail pipe. Going with a wider tip, dual or triple tailpipe, unique shape or location can dramatically change the look of a car. Whether glass, chrome, or gold – this is a simple fix to add a pop of personality to the back of your car.

Did You Hear That?
The exhaust system, in addition to diverting noxious fumes from the engine to behind your vehicle, also has an impact on the sound of your car. While the sound is the last thing most manufacturers think of, other than being quiet, some of us want a little more. No one wants a broken muffler sound, but what about a deeper growl on acceleration? Custom exhaust systems can be “tuned” to give you the sound you want. Just like a slide whistle changes pitch based on the length of air allowed to vibrate through it, an exhaust system can change tone by being modified with pipes with of a wider diameter. The more surface area, the lower the pitch.

Get The High Efficiency Model
If your cars are part of a business fleet, or you’re someone who drives excessively for work (or play), an update to your exhaust system can help your car run more efficiently. The more easy it is for exhaust gases to get out, the more air and fuel that can get to the engine since those gases aren’t taking up room. By modifying your exhaust system to increase efficiency, you can spend less on gas in the long run.

What do you want YOUR car to do? Look like it can take on anyone? Sound like a beast, or at least not every other car, when revving? Or maybe run with a little more power and efficiency? No matter what you want it to do, we can help you customize the exhaust system to do it.

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