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Magnaflow Mufflers


Nissan 350Z Nismo Dyno with a Magnaflow Exhaust System

XL Magnaflow Exhaust
The XL Magnaflow Exhaust line gives you options to enjoy the benefits of a full Magnaflow Catback Exhaust system without springing for the Full Monty of the performance line. With the XL the stainless steel comes in a Satin finish and a single walled tip. Don’t fret; you will still get the performance and sound you are looking for.
D-Fit Magnaflow Muffler
So you’re on a shoe string budget, but you just can’t wait to save up one more lily livered dime – you HAVE to have a kicking Magnaflow Exhaust today and nothing else will do. We can’t say we blame you so that’s why the D-Fit Magnaflow Muffler line exists. You still get the full benefit of amazing performance and superb sound without the full Magnaflow Catback experience.
Pro Series Off Road Magnaflow Exhaust
We get it – you have special needs. You race, you travel long distances, or your ride “low” and slow. For just such occasions we have the Magnaflow Pro Series Off Road Exhaust. This line is offered to any automotive situation that requires a heavily modified suspension system and our unique “turn down before the axle” design.
Lifetime Warranty is available on all of our Magnaflow products.
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